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Rencontres Économiques in Singapore

Inspired by Les Rencontres d’Aix-en-Provence in France, the first edition of Les Rencontres Économiques in Singapore –  France-Singapore Economic Forum -will be organize by le Cercle des économistes, in collaboration with ESSEC Business Schoolthe Economic Society of Singapore and Paris EUROPLACE and with the support of both the French and Singaporean authorities.

Les Rencontres Économiques in Singapore  will mark a key milestone in the relationship between the two countries, gathering major stakeholders to foster dialogue and increase cooperation. The forum will gather business leaders, academics, institutions, policy makers, think tanks, and students from Asia and Europe.


Europe and the Asian Century: Keys for the World Economy

24 & 25 November 2016

Through a free and open debate, new ideas will emerge on key issues such as innovation, monetary policies, economic growth, investment, finance or regional integration.

Programm Rencontres Economiques in Singapore

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Co-organizers :

ess-246x90pxThe Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) is a non-profit organization of economists and
other professionals interested in economics. ESS brings together members of the economics
profession in academia, the government and business sectors and provides a platform for discussions on issues facing the Singapore economy and the region. The primary objective of
the Society is to raise public awareness, and stimulate public interest and debate, in economic
issues. It does this by organizing conferences, talks, workshops and public lectures and by
conducting studies on issues, either on its own or in partnership with other organizations.
The objectives of ESS are to raise public awareness on Economic issues and to stimulate public
interest in Economics, to encourage discussion on Economic problems with special reference
to Singapore and to issue a journal and other special publications.

essec-246x90pxFor over a century, ESSEC has been developing a state-of-the-art educational program that
gives the individual pride of place in its learning model, promoting the values of freedom,
openness, innovation and responsibility. Preparing future managers to reconcile personal
interests with collective responsibility, giving consideration to the common good in their
decision-making, and weighing economic challenges against the social costs are some of
the objectives ESSEC has set for itself. Its ultimate goal? To create a global world that has
meaning for us all. The Asia-Pacific campus, strategically located in Singapore, represents the perfect foothold
for ESSEC Business School to be part of the vibrant growth of Asia and to share its expertise
in the fast-growing region.

paris-europlace-246x90pxParis EUROPLACE is the professional body which supports the France-based financial
services industry and promotes Paris as an international financial center. Paris EUROPLACE gathers and expresses positions of market players as it seeks to strengthen the attractiveness of the Paris financial marketplace, establish constructive relations with European Institutions in a global financial context, stimulate research and financial innovation, and promote these objectives internationally.



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