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Global Imbalances and the Collapse of Globalised Finance

Global Imbalances« Global Imbalances and the Collapse of Globalised Finance ». Livre signé Anton Brender et Florence Pisani. Financial Markets ; CEPS Paperbacks. Février 2010. Lien CEPS. The world economy is just starting to recover from the most disastrous episode in the history of financial globalisation. Understanding what happened is essential. Anton Brender and Florence Pisani, both economists with Dexia Asset Management and teaching at Paris-Dauphine University, argue in this book that the main problems were deeply rooted and are to be found in two tightly linked developments that for many years were left largely uncontrolled : the increase in the intensity of international transfers of savings – the so-called ‘global imbalances’ – and a wave of innovations – globalised finance – that have changed the way savings and the risks associated with their investment can be transferred.

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