Best Young Economist of France Award

The Best Young Economist of France Award is inspired by the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal awarded by the American Economic Association to the best American economists under forty. Together with Le Monde, a major newspaper in France, Le Cercle des économistes is aiming both at rewarding the work of a young economist and at making know the different aspects of economic sciences.

They are two steps in the selection process :

  • Each member of the Cercle chooses candidates from the academic world out of the applications submitted.  Candidates are chosen based on the list of their works and on three reprensentative papers which must include at least one theoretical and another one easily understandable by all. Ten of them are chosen to go to the next level.
  • A mixed-jury « Le Monde Économie » – Le Cercle des économistes elects the laureate and the nominees

The prize is awarded by a major political figure during a ceremony at the Sénat with a 3000 euros grant.

Here is the list of the laureates and nominees :

Laureates :

Nominees :