Philippe AGHION

Present positions

Professor at College de France (Chair entitled “Institutions, Innovation, and Growth)

Invited Professor, Université de Harvard

Invited Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics

Editor, Annual Reviews in Economics

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Fellow of the Econometric Society

Positions’ held

Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Professor of Economics, University College London (UCL)

Official Fellow, Nuffield College,

Member of the Executive and Supervisory committee of CERGE (Prague)

Programme Director of CEPR in Industrial Organization


D. Harvard University (Economics)

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (Section Mathématiques)

Main publications


« Repenser la croissance économique”, Fayard 2016

” Changer de modèle » from Aghion P, Cette G with Cohen E, Odile Jacob, April 2014)

« Handbooks of Economic Growth » from Aghion P and Durlauf S, North-Holland: Elsevier, 2014

« Repenser l’Etat » from Aghion P and Roulet A, Editions Seuil, 2011

« The Economics of Growth » from Aghion P and Howitt P, MIT Press, 2009

« Handbook of Economic Growth » from Aghion P and Durlauf S, North-Holland: Elsevier, 2005


Innovation and Top Income Inequality, Aghion, P, Akcigit, U, Bergeaud, A, Blundell, R, and D. Hemous (2019), Review of Economic Studies, lead article.

The Inverted-U Relationship Between Credit Access and Productivity Growth,  Aghion, P, Bergeaud, A, Cette, G, Lecat, R and H. Maghin (2019), Coase Lecture, forthcoming in Economica.

Monetary Policy, Product Market Competition, and Growth,  Aghion, P, Farhi, E, and E. Kharroubi (2019), Coase Lecture, forthcoming in Economica.

Missing Growth from Creative Destruction,  Aghion, P, Bergeaud, A, Boppart, T, Klenow, P, and H. Li (2019), forthcoming in the American Economic Review.

Carbon Taxes, Path Dependency and Directed Technical Change : Evidence from the Auto Industry, Aghion, P, Dechezlepretre, A, Hemous, D, Martin, R, and J. Van Reenen (2014), Journal of Political Economy 2016

Industrial Policy and Competition, from Aghion P, Dewatripont M, Du L, Harrison A, and Legros P, American Economic Journal, 2015

Creative Destruction and Subjective Well Being, Aghion, P, Akcigit, U, Deaton, A, and A. Roulet (2016), American Economic Review.

Innovation and Institutional Ownership, from Aghion P, Van Reenen J, et Zingales L, American Economic Review 2013

The Environment and Directed Technical Change, from Acemoglu D, Aghion P, Bursztyn L, et Hemous D, American Economic Review 2012

Subgame Perfect Implementation with Unverifiable Information, from Aghion P, Fudenberg D, Holden R, Kunimoto T, and Tercieux O, Quarterly Journal of Economics 2012

Economic fields of expertise

Innovation ; Growth Economics; Contracts and Organizations; Industrial Organization