Alain Trannoy

Member of the Cercle des économistes, Director of Studies at EHESS


Alain Trannoy, currently Director of Studies at EHESS and Professor at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics, has extensive expertise in several economic fields. As scientific advisor at France Stratégie, he actively contributed to strategic reflections related to public policies.

His rich career has been marked by prestigious positions, such as the presidency of AFSE and the management of AMSE. He has also served on the Council of Economic Analysis (CAE) and the Economic Council for Sustainable Development (CESD).

Professor Trannoy holds an agrégation from the Faculties of Economics and a doctorate in Economics, and has published numerous books and articles on various topics such as the economics of inequality, equal opportunities, taxation, housing economics, the economics of higher education, voting, and public economics. Among his recent publications, we can mention the book “Le grand retour de la terre dans les patrimoines” in collaboration with Étienne Wasmer, which explores the importance of land in heritage wealth and which was awarded by the AFSE and whose underlying scientific article earned him the Maurice Allais Prize 2023. Alain Trannoy is a Knight of the National Order of Merit.

His academic career and his involvement in consulting organizations make him a key player in the analysis of public policies, the social economy and social justice in France. His expertise is valuable to policymakers and researchers working on a wide range of economic and social issues

Area of Expertise

  • Economics of Inequality and Equal Opportunity, Social Justice Theory, Social Minima
  • Taxation
  • Housing Economics
  • Economics of Higher Education
  • Vote
  • Public Economics