Julia Cagé

Winner of the Best Young Economist Award 2023


Julia CAGÉ, 39, is a professor in the Department of Economics at Sciences Po Paris, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for the Evaluation of Public Policies and a researcher affiliated with the CEPR. An alumna of the École normale supérieure (Ulm), she defended her thesis at Harvard in 2014 and her HDR at Sciences Po Paris. His most recent publications are included in the best international journals (American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Demographic Economics, etc.). She has received numerous research grants from some of the most prestigious (ERC, INET, ANR) and has already received several awards for her articles (Oliver Williamson Conference Paper Award in 2020) or her books.

At the intersection of political economy and industrial economics, his research focuses on the economics of the media, their new financing models, the impact of concentration and the Internet on the quality of information and the spread of information on social networks, including from the perspective of media biases and the effects of a change in shareholding. They combine theoretical models and econometric estimates, archival work and the use of big data. His research also focuses on the financing of political parties and electoral campaigns, and thus democracy.

In addition to her academic research, Julia CAGÉ has published numerous books for the general public, including The Price of Democracy and Saving the Media. Capitalism, Crowdfunding and Democracy, translated by Harvard University Press. She is very active in public debate and the media, in France and abroad.