Pierre Dockès


Pierre Dockès’ publications reflect his diversity of interest and expertise while centrally adopting a historical economic point of view. He has published numerous books on subjects ranging from the place of the economy in the thought of Thomas Hobbes to the social economy of Léon Walras as well as the importance of power and authority in economics or on the sugar economy in the time of slavery (Sugar and Tears).

He has been particularly interested in the evolution of capitalism over the long term as well as its recent and ongoing transformations, crises and mutations. He has published a vast synthesis on this theme (Capitalism and its Rhythms). Among his notable works, we also find research on the sustainability of public debts, responses to populists, the economics of major epidemics (from the plague to covid) and he has contributed to the reflection on the resistance to be carried out in the face of technological violence.

Professor of economics at the University of Lyon 2, he has demonstrated his commitment to teaching and research. There he founded the “Centre Walras” (now “Triangle”) and for many years directed this research centre on the history of economic thought and supervised the team responsible for the publication of the complete works of Léon Walras (in recognition of his contribution to economic thought, he was made an honorary member of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought).